JennerMed :I have come here to know other people completely, last year I decided that I wanted to change many things into my life, since my couple’s broke up, up to my studies. I love the cultures diversity, knowing and allow me to know. If you are here, meeting, observing every movement that I do, even falling in love perhaps, do not forget to say what you feel and what you want to see in my show. I like they enjoy on having seen me

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Age :22
Orientation : I like to experiment a little, I am a pretty curious girl, hehe
Fantasies : My little fantasy is to escape with a man who loves me and enjoys my whole body, we could go to a forest and become adan and eva for one night
Favorite Position : I quite like the missionary position, in four it may be, but what I like most is to be on you, love and ride you.
Note : 4.8

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